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Outdoor (Open-Air) Living

Go beyond the barbecue with an outdoor kitchen! Land Art Landscaping can design and build this 'hardscaped' element. Complete the look our your outdoor setting with granite countertops, matching the framework's look to the exterior of your home.

Outdoor kitchens make outdoor entertainment easier. An outdoor kitchen removes the burden of cooking in a finite space or confined area (a.k.a. an indoor kitchen). Outdoor cooking requires less complicated ventilation system vs. a kitchen. Because you are already outside, odors that would normally linger throughout the interior of a home are not an issue.


Outdoor LivingOutdoor Living


Outdoor Barbecue

Every kitchen needs an oven, and in the case of an outdoor kitchen, nothing goes better than an outdoor oven, more commonly referred to as a barbecue. As with the rest of your outdoor kitchen elements, Land Art Landscaping can match the framework / bbq housing to the exterior look of your home.



In the desert Southwest protection from the intense sun and heat is especially important. If you have aspirations of sitting comfortably outside with friends, good conversation and a custom-crafted barbecue, a Pergola just might be the perfect option.

A covered patio or Pergola is the perfect way to get that protection, increase living space and add value to your home. There are a number of types of pergolas from which to choose. Land Art can install a pre-manufactured pergola, or custom design and build one specifically for your landscaping project.