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Shrub & Groundcover

Our Tree Care Account prices are based on property requirements, and include the following standard procedures:

Service to Include

  • Special consideration will be given in obeying the Local city ordinances in regards to noise control.
  • Vendor will perform said services in a professional, workmanlike manner.
  • Vendor will inspect the entire property for the performance of all items listed below during each scheduled visit.
  • Vendor agrees to promptly notify Property Owner/ management Company of any adverse conditions that affect the Property being serviced.
  • Vendor will furnish and maintain all equipment and machinery necessary to perform said specifications. Equipment
    will NOT be stored on the Companies property between scheduled visits.
  • Any vendor request for extra materials, repairs or Services will be requested per phone call, or written request prior to the extra service upon approval.
  • Extra Services approved and performed will be due and payable at time of extra services.


  • Pruning of Shrubs will be as need to maintain shape and neat appearance.
  • All shrubs and groundcover will be maintained in compliance with all local and state and federal restrictions. Trees will be limbed up and pruned to a 15' high. All perennials, ornamentals grasses and groundcovers will be cut back during winter months.