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Tree Care

Our Tree Care Account prices are based on property requirements, and include the following standard procedures:

Service to Include

  • Special consideration will be given in obeying the Local city ordinances in regards to noise control.
  • Vendor will perform said services in a professional, workmanlike manner.
  • Vendor will inspect the entire property for the performance of all items listed below during each scheduled visit.
  • Vendor agrees to promptly notify Property Owner/ management Company of any adverse conditions that affect the Property being serviced.
  • Vendor will furnish and maintain all equipment and machinery necessary to perform said specifications. Equipment
    will NOT be stored on the Companies property between scheduled visits.
  • Any vendor request for extra materials, repairs or Services will be requested per phone call, or written request prior to the extra service upon approval.
  • Extra Services approved and performed will be due and payable at time of extra services.


PRUNING: All planted trees shall be maintained such that no branches/limbs will overhang sidewalks and parking areas lower than seven feet from ground. Trees located in the natural areas shall be pruned only when their growth habits affect formal, maintained areas or when it presents a safety issue for customers/ residents, or associates. Limbs and branches will be removed from property. All tress will be maintained up to a fifteen foot (15') into canopy. All sucker growth from trunk and base shall be removed per the service schedule or as required to maintain a clean appearance. All trees will be pruned to comply with state or federal restrictions.