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Custom Water Accents

Especially during the height of a desert simmer everybody welcomes the sight of water. The soothing sound of a flowing creek will beckon you to stay outside each day 'just a little while longer'. Including this element as part of the landscaping theme will enhance overall aesthetic value and with smart planning, can be used as a resource for other landscaped elements.

A water accent makes a great addition to any landscape project. It can transform even the most geometric of spaces into something that just feels more like the greater outdoors. A water accent can even enhance the existing ecosystem.  Once in place, a water accent will offer years of trouble-free enjoyment and add to the value of your property.


Water AccentWater AccentWater Accent

Designing and bulding a water accent

Land Art Landscaping can recreate a variety of water accents just outside your door!

5 Tips/Considerations when designing/constructing a water accent…

  • Will there ever be fish in the pond?
  • How will the pond be filled?
  • How far from a power source is the pond?
  • What type of feature is this? (water fall, active river bed, flowing river bed...)